After taking Thanksgiving and Christmas to rest and rejuvenate, the Red Truck began again in January at Jericho Baptist Missionary Chapel and James Crossing Apartments. We’ve averaged serving between 100 to 150 families between January and the end of March. Because of the Coronavirus, we went back outside at Jericho and James Crossing at the end of March and have continued outside. In April, the Red Truck has restarted at other sites: Rivermont Baptist Church and Amazing Grace Church. At the present time, the Red Truck is serving approximately 200 families/week that represent approximately 600 people.  We also mustn’t forget that the Red Truck has “franchised” itself with a group serving approximately 75 families per week in the Appomattox area. That work continues as God blesses.


The Red Truck has also been contacted by a church in Madison Heights to begin there. The Red Truck is in the process of training the needed volunteers. We continue to need volunteers to help at each site and at the “warehouse” (located at the Plaza). And as always, the Red Truck would like to thank all who have helped in anyway: giving plastic bags; double bagging those bags; helping at the warehouse; helping to distribute the food; praying with the people; praying for the volunteers; making masks (attache photo) for the volunteers; donating your time and your treasure.


On a spiritual note, the Red Truck saw another salvation in April. We rejoice over this decision. The purpose of the Red Truck ministry is far greater than just handing out bread. Our hope is that food distribution leads to the sharing of the bread of life. Once again we saw that happen on Wednesday of Holy Week. One of the older  gentlemen who comes regularly is always by himself. Rhonda has been talking and praying each time with him for a long time. On several occasions she had talked with him about receiving Christ as his Savior. J.B. would listen and quietly say that is something he had never done before. On Wednesday April 8 just 2 days before Good Friday this gentleman came through the line. Again Rhonda and one of the other volunteers  spoke with him. After explaining the importance of the week in which Jesus died for the sins of the world and rose again it turned out to be J.B.'s moment in history. He shared with both of them his desire to be saved. Standing in the parking lot he repented of his sins and committed his life to Jesus. Together the 3 of them rejoiced. He walked there for food and walked away with eternal life. That is why the Red Truck Ministry matters and why your support is so vital!  


On a special note; 

We also wanted to say a huge thank you to those who have been sharing part of their stimulus checks with us because you were in good financial standing. The (CARES) Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security also is providing tax incentives to stimulate charitable giving for the next few months to non-profit organizations. If this is something you would like to do in order to help support the Red Truck, please send tax deductible donations to:


The Lynchburg Baptist Association 

5225 Fort Ave, Suite A. Lynchburg Va. 24502

Memo: Red Truck. 


Thank you for helping us help our community in these unusual times.


The Red Truck Committee